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Mahabharatha in four Volumes

Mega Adventure thriller

Rivetting Crime novel

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Fascinating Short story collection

Treasure trove from the fountainhead of knowledge

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Self Help and Lifemanship

Detective thrillers

Crime Thrillers

Adventure Thrillers

Legal fiction and thrillers

Sensual and erotic

Prison diaries and police stories

Graphic novels

Science fiction and Fantascy

Mythological and epics

Mega Novels

Short story collections

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Banana Book Club

Bhagwad Geetha in Four pages

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Dr. L. Prakash is also an extraordinary artist and has produced a proliifc output of paintings and sculptures click here to view them

You can get your memorable photographs converted into large Acrylic-oil paintings on canvas.

You can admire or purchase paintings or sculptures by Dr. L. Prakash

Dr. Prakash's Tamil books have been published by GA Publications

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Ramayana Water Colours

100 Sculptures Project
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