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1. The Origin of our Universe

“We have hardly crossed the middle of the Kalpa! Still a long time to go before Shiva has to start his activities. But I am seriously worried about his attitude and behavior" said the blue skinned lotus eyed God Vishnu, considered by many as the handsomest and prettiest being in existence. The four headed Lord Brahma nodded.
"Yes brother! You are certainly correct. His behavior worries me no end too. Since Ambika has left him, he has become erratic and irritable. Half the time he boils in rage and is under the effect of intoxicants. The other half of the time, he is in such deep yogic Samadhi that no one has the courage to even approach him, least he opens his third eye and burns everything to cinders!"
"What do we do? How do we solve the problem?"
"Beats me! Let us put our heads together to find a solution!"
"I think he needs a woman's soothing influence"
"You mean another mate?"
"Yes! We should persuade Goddess Amba to return. To reincarnate once again, so that she can be Shiva's mate"

The two Gods discussed thus, and it was a vitally important issue indeed because the existence and well being of the whole universe depended on the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.
Many billions of years ago, this world had not come into existence. What of our world, even the Universe was non existent. It was all a complete void. Total darkness because, even light had not been created. In this immense void of a black hole, existed a single microscopic monad, Oom, also called Tadbrahma. After an indeterminable period, this monad decided to split. It then divided into two parts which rapidly moved away from each other, filling the distance between them with the universe. From nothing to everything, came in a tiny fraction of a second.
One end was Brahma the creator, who created everything, while at the other end was Shiva who acted as both perpetrator and destroyer. Everything in this universe is cyclic and for every beginning there is an end. Shiva thus destroyed things when their time was up.
Being an enterprising God, Shiva who had a third eye 'aankh' in the middle of his forehead, created out of his own body Ambika, a goddess and his consort companion. While the formless, featureless, shape and sizeless Tadbrahma of the Oom continued to create all things that are created, Shiva continued to look after, perpetrate and eventually destroy the creations.
After some time Goddess Ambika started complaining that Shiva was too busy to spend time with her. She implored him to produce an assistant to give him a hand. Shiva was also the creator of amritha or the elixir of life. He rubbed a drop of it on his left little toe and from this appeared an extremely handsome blue complexioned young man. He bowed to his creator and stood before Shiva with folded hands.
"Who am I? What is the purpose of my creation? What should I do?”


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