Ramayana Illustrated in a thousand watercolors

By Dr L.Prakash

After the unprecedented success of his Mahabharata, Dr L.Prakash has rendered the immortal classic of Ramayana in his inimitable style in eight volumes. He has also illustrated the epic with a thousand watercolor paintings.
This was the phase in his life, when the author was experimenting with watercolors and drawings as a part of his endeavors to write a graphic novel. Each of the eight kaandas is divided into two sections, and illustrated by approximately sixty drawings, one for each chapter.
The first volume with text and illustrations is scheduled for release as a print version in 2012. However, for our net savvy readers, an online version is available for their free reading pleasure.
The complete illustrations are available online for your viewing pleasure in the form of sixteen parts.
Here are some comments about the illustrations.


“Rendered beautifully, these illustrations are a treat to watch, and a pleasure to admire. Rendered in a neo-modernistic non caricaturist surreal mode, these pictures are so full of expressions that they seem impatient to break out into speech and action. A wonderful experience”
Dr Sateesh Varadarajan

“Really wonderful!! A quick glance at the illustrations, gave me an overview of the wonderful and timeless epic of Ramayana. If one has to go by these illustrations, it is certain that the text is in explicit detail.”
Ramachandra Iyengar

“Dr L.Prakash has to stick to his writing and not waste time with his drawings, which are childish and immature. Though I saw the illustrations right to the end, I have to be honest that they are neither pictures nor cartoons. May be I am not a connoisseur of art!”
S.Namonarayanan MA L.L.B.

“Some may call these illustrations childish, but they touched the child in my heart and gave me greater pleasure than watching a full length movie or a multi part serial on Ramayana.”
Professor R. Vasudevan.




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Part five Part Six Part seven Part eight
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