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Kishkinda Kaanda part two

The land of monkeys and apes

518. Sugreeva tells Rama about the places he intends to send the search parties .

519. “Oh Rama! Most clues point to the south. My best team will thus go south.
520. Brave Shatabali is instructed to go to north with twelve and a half million monkeys.

521. Sugreeva describes about the geography in the north. Beyond Himalayas are the Kailasha, Indraloka, Amravathi and Brahmaloka.
522. “Oh Lakshmana! I wonder how this monkey king knows so much about our country’s geography!

523. Vinat instructed to go to the end of the world in the eastern direction. “Don’t fall off the precipice beyond the seas! Sugreeva cautions.
524. The pious Somanas mountain on which Vamana kept his first step while measuring the earth in three paces.

525. Sugreeva sends Sushena, his father in law to the west.
526. “Oh Hanuman and Angad! As my most trusted followers, I send you to south which gives the greatest hopes.

527. Rama gives his ring to Hanuman so that Seetha can recognize him as a well wisher.
528. “During my fight with Vali, he chased me round the world three times! That is how I have become an expert on world geography”

529. Lakshmana shocked and pleasantly surprised by Seetha’s unexpected return.
530. Shiva describes Rama as the most perfect man to Sathi Devi.

531. Rama recognizes Sati Devi and falls at her feet to seek blessings.
532. The monkeys see an immense cave into which waterbirds are flying.

533. The monkeys surprised to see the golden tree with precious stories stones. They also see a very old lady meditating.
534. Asura May sees Devi Hema bathing in the river and falls in love with her.

535. Tempting Hema as a golden peacock, may seduces her. Angered by the Pratiloma, Indra drugs Hema to Brahma’s court.
536. I don’t want to return to Devaloka. I will stay in my cave on earth.

537. The monkeys asked to hold the golden throne’s legs and close their eyes as Swayamprabha teleports them to the outside.
538. “We have already spent thirty days and all territory beyond the ocean remains still unexplored.

539. Grandfather Taar consoles Angad who looses heart and speaks of suicide.

540. “I must fulfill Rama’s
quest. My colleagues must not
be allowed to either loose
heart or join in a mutiny”

541. Hanuman employs Sama,
Dama and Danda techniques on
prince Angad.

542. A stubborn Angad sits in lotus position and starts his fast unto death.

543. A fearsome being suddenly appears before the monkeys terrifying them.
544. I am Sampathi, Jatayu’s elder brother.

545. My feathers got burnt as I protected my brother Jatayu who had flown too close to the sun.
546. Sage Nishakar tells Sampathi that he will regain his wings at an appropriate time.

547. “Sri Rama is none but a reincarnation of Mahavishnu. But you must keep it as a secret from him” Sampathi tells the Vanaras.
548. An overconfident Ravana seeks a boon from Brahma seeking immunity from all creatures except man and monkey.

549. Blessed I am that I got a change to get this close to Rama. From this moment, he will remain in my heart.
550. Nishakar’s prophesy comes true as a touch with Rama’s ring restores Sampathi’s wings.

551. Sampathi tells about Seetha’s abductors and their current location in the island of Lanka.
552. Hanuman disagrees with others and refuses to return back with third hand information. He wants to see Seetha with his own eyes.

553. “How will we cross this mighty ocean?” wonders Hanuman.
554. Each Vanara brave tells how for he can jump. Hanuman alone remains silent.

555. “Oh Jambavan! I am a scholar and not an athlete. I doubt if can even jump half a Yojana.
556. “Oh Hanuman! You are mighty enough to cover the eighty Yojana distance to the mamooth banyan tree in a single leap!”

557. Jambavan tells the story of Baby Hanuman, who mistook sun for a large fruit.
558. Jambavan tells about Matangas curse by which Hanuman would forget his strength unless reminded about it.

559. As the Vanaras flatter, Hanuman grows bigger and bigger.
The monkeys cheer as Hanuman assumes a gigantic form.

The teams from east, west and north return with disappointing news.
“Oh! Lakshmana! Don’t be anxious, I have great hopes of the south team. None can fight the destiny.”

King Mitrasaha burns his feet by dropping the curse enriched water, gaining the name of Kalmashpada.
Kalmashpada gets an upper hand in a fight with a Rakshasa, when the asura’s brother arrives.

Human meat served to Vashishta resulting in a curse. Kalmashpada transformed into Asura Saudasa.
Saudasa kills a Brahmin despite his wife’s pleadings.

The glorious lineage of Rama.
From such mighty emperors, descended Rama.
Other glorious kings of Ikshavaku dynasty, and Rama’s forefathers.
Hanuman prepares for his jump from atop Mahendragiri mountain peak.

An unexpected barrier springs from the sea to block Hanuman’s path.


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