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Sundara Kaanda part two

Hanuman uproots a mighty tree to use it as a missile.

Using uprooted mountains and immense boulders, Hanuman chuttinied Ashoka Vatika.
Seetha’s bodyguard Rakshasis rush to Ravana in panic.

Prahasta’s son Jambumali launches a fierce attack on Hanuman.
Using an uprooted tree, Hanuman pounds Jambumali to a pulp.

“Hail Sugreeva! Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lakshmana!” Hanuman croons in a sing song voice
Uprooting pillars, Hanuman demolishes the prayer hall.

The five ministers twisted and tossed like rag dolls.
Ravanas bold son Aksha Kumar volunteers to kill Hanuman.

Brave Aksha Kumar killed by Hanuman.
Ravana summons indrajeet.

Indrajeet plucks out his powerful Brahmastra
Hanuman bound by Brahmastra.

A bound and tussed Hanuman is brought to Ravana.
“Oh Dashanana! Return Seetha and sue peace with Rama if you want to avoid doom and destruction!”

If you are not courteous enough to offer an envoy a seat, I shall make my own Casana higher than yours”.
“Oh stupid monkey! Enough of this nonsense!”

“Kill this stupid ape and chop his body into small bits”
Vibheeshana tells Ravana that it is against Dharma and protocol to kil an envoy or dootha.

“Set his tail on fire. A tailless monkey would surely be a funny spectacle”
“Oh beloved husband Shiva! Why have you abruptly begun your Tandava dance?”

Shiva tells Uma about the burning of Kamadeva and Agni’s anger.
“Lucky Hanuman doesn’t feel the heat but my backside does burn like hell.”

Hanuman burns the golden Lanka.
Hanuman worried about Seetha’s safety among the razing flames.

Final good bye to mother Seetha.
Hanuman jumps back across the ocean in a single leap.

Angad, Jambavan, Neela, Mainda, Dwivinda, and others gather around Hanuman to listen to his adventures.
King Nimi and sage Vashishta curse each other.

Devas churn (mith) a baby out of the soulless body (Videha) preserved in aromatic oils.
Janaka finds a baby girl while ploughing his backyard.

“The mission has been concluded successfully. Let us stop at Madhubana and have some fun”.
A curious Sukanya pokes into the luminious spots shining out of an anthill.

Young Sukanya married to Chyavana Rishi, who wants to regain his youth and summons his friends Ashvini Kumars.
“Oh Sukanya! Which one of us is your husband?”

The Ashvini Kumars give their seeds to two female monkeys.
Mainda and Dwivinda tormented by acute withdrawal symptoms of Amritha, approach sage Matanga for advice.

A year of human life on earth, is equal to a day for Devas and about three seconds for Brahma.
Mainda and Dwivinda go in search of heavens.

Mainda and Dwivinda start their destruction of Amravathi – Indraloka.
The monkeys invade Madhubana, get drunk and cause a great havoc.

“Oh Hanuman! You call yourself a wise scholar and yet encourage such irresponsible behavior by your colleagues!” Dadhimukha scolds Anjaneya.
Dadhimukha rushes to his king Sugreeva with news of Angad’s team chuttneying Madhubana.

“The south team is in a boisterous mood. They would certainly have succeeded!”
Dadimukha returns to Madhubana and finds that most monkeys are dead drunk.

After sobering up, Angad, Hanuman and Jambavan go to Sugreeva, Rama and Lakshmana.
Rama becomes emotional on seeing Seetha’s toe ring.

“Oh brave Hanuman! It is unfortunate that I cannot offer you anything except this fond hug and embrace.
“How are we going to cross the fierce seas with grave dangers?” Rama worries.

“Oh Rama! This is not the time for depression. Focus on your goals and success would be yours!”
Rama focuses single mindedly on his enemy Ravana.

Hanuman describes Lanka and its fortifications.
Rama plans the marching formation of the Hundred Million apes and monkeys.

The great march to the south.


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