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Yuddha Kaanda part one

“My beloved Seetha is on the opposite side! How will I get across?”

Dwivinda fails to recognize Rama’s spies disguised as parrots.
Ravana’s courtiers tell him that he is undefeatable. Each claims that he alone can kill Rama and his hundred million monkey army.

Ravana highly impressed by the courage and confidence of his generals and lieutenants.
Asura Gana spots pretty Naga princess Swetha bathing in the river.

“No Gandharva marriage for me. It would be a traditional full fledged wedding if you want me!”
Brahma Vivaha, Prajapatya Vivaha, and Gandharva Vivaha traditions of Vedic Marriage.

Gana and Swetha seek permission of God mother of snakes for their marriage.
Ravana seduces Swetha, who agrees to abandon her husband for Dashanana’s sake.

Ravana kills Asura Gana.
Vibhishana castigates Ravana’s generals for giving wrong and sinful advise.

Vibhishana meets Ravana in private and pleads with him to release Seetha and make peace with Rama.
“I cannot get over my overpowering lust for Seetha” Ravana tells his open court.

Vibhishana pleads with Dashanana in the open court.
Indrajeet and Vibhishana have a heated exchange in the open court.

Ravana insults Vibhishana, calls him a traitor, and banishes him from Lankapuri.
Vibhishana summons the Naga sea ferry using his special code.

Riding the gigantic serpant across turbulent oceans.
Vibhishana and his colleagues spotted by Sugreeva and other monkeys.

Vibhishana taken to Rama and Lakshmana.
“Beloved friends! What should we do with Vibhishana?”

“Oh intelligent Hanuman! What is your opinion?”
Rama tells the story of a dove who fed his own meat to a tiger to keep up the Dharma of athithi dwobhava.

Vibhishana surrenders to Rama and seeks protection.
Rama tells the story of Kanda muni and the thief.

Spy Shuka caught by the alert monkeys.
“I am an envoy and not a spy. If you kill a diplomatic messenger, a greet sin will befall you!” A panicked Shuka shouts.

Rama does penance on the sea beach, resting on Kusha grass and supporting his head by his right arm.
An angry Rama loads the Brahmastra, which brings out the terrified god of seas

Ramayana illustrated by others.
Brahma’s instruction to Vishwakarma. Nala suddenly remembers the forgotten spells.

Nala's nasty habbit of throwing things into water and Matanga muni’s curse.
Rama builds a Shiva temple at Rameshwaram.

Nala demonstrates the floating stone, while spy Shuka takes back the news to Ravana.
The building of Sethu Samudram.

How the squirrel got its stripes!
The march over Sethu Samudam.

Rama surveys the hundred million monkey army and gives them a pep talk.
Spy Skula returns to Ravana with news about the enemy forces.

“Oh Shuka and Sarana! Disguise yourselves as monkeys and blend into Rama’s army. Get me all information about my enemy army!
Vibhishana sees through the disguise and the two spies are caught.

“Oh Ravana! Benevolent Rama not only spared our lives, but also allowed us to look at his army”.
Saarana describes the important enemy generals and youthapathis.

From his tower observatory, Ravana observes the hundred million monkeys.
Saarana describes the might and valor of Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva.

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