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Baala Kanda Part one

The Childhood

Sahastrabahu Arjuna playfully blocks the flow of Narmada river.

Ravana defeated and caged like and animal.
Ravana’s Pushpaka Vimana becomes unstable as it flies over Shyama Parvatha.

Ravana makes fun of Nandeeshwara, as the latter is making monkey faces at Nandini.
Ravana attempts to uproot the mountain.

Nandi presses the mountaintop with his hooves, crushing Ravana’s hands, making him scream out in agony. Rava is to scream and thus he gets the name of Ravana.
Lakshmana dotes on Rama and hero worships him since childhood.

Kaushalya sees Rama eating Narayana Prasadam and realizes that he is Narayana.
Sahastrabahu Arjuna snatches away Kamadhenu.

Parashurama’s fury.
Heyhaya king Arjuna slain.

Parashurama kills his own mother, obeying Jamadgni’s command.
Arjuna’s sons kill Jamadagni by decapitating him.

Vashishta taps an ashma (stone) on the pregnant queen’s belly to induce the birth of Ashmaha.
Ashmaha was also called Nari-Kavacha, because he took shelter behind women to escape Parashurama’s fury. He is also called Moolaha or the first, because subsequent Kshatriya lineage started with him.

Sahastraroopaka, Indra’s spy seduces Asura Mahadeva’s wife and extracts the secrets.
Devas participate in King Marutha’s Maheshwara yagya.

Ravana challenges Marutha for a battle.
Indra blesses the peacock.

Kubera blesses the chameleon.
Vashishta trains Rama and Lakshmana.

Vishvamithra visits Dasharatha’s palace.
Vishwamitra’s request for Rama shocks king Dasharatha.

Vashishta advices Dasharatha that it would be in his best interests if Rama accompanies the sage.
Rama handed over to Vashishta.

Vishvamithra gives bala and atibala siddhies to the two princes.
Vishvamithra tells about Indra's victory over an Asura and the establishment of the cities of Maladha and Karushta.

Vishvamithra describes the terrible demon Tadaka to Rama.
Rama slays Tadaka.

Vishvamithra gives divine arms to Rama.
Asuraguru Shukracharya advices Mahabali against performing the wish fulfillment yagya.

Vamana the dwarf asks for just three paces of land.
Assuming a gigantic form, Vamana measures the whole world in two steps.

With the thirdstep, Vaamana pushes Mahabali to Paatala.
Rama kills Asuras and saves Vishwamitra’s yagya.

Ravana kills Kubera’s doota.
Ravana stopped by brave yakshas Suryabhanu, who stops him with an immense pillar.

Ravana defeats stepbrother Kubera once again.
Mahalakshmi miscalculates celestial timings.

Vedavathi recognizes Asura Shambhu, disguised as Narayana.
Vedavathi, insulted by Dashanana, gives him a curse.

The hundred daughters of Kusha.
The kanyas become kubjas or deformed due to Vayu’s prank.

Vishvamithra tells Rama about river Ganga.
Shiva pacifies angry Uma after she curses the Devas.

Ganga tells fire god Agni, that she can no longer tolerate to bear Parameshwara’s seed.
Shiva’s son, the six head golden boy being fed by the kirtikas.

Asmanjas transforms from a drooling idiot to an enlightened saint.
Vayu-ashva, the flying horse.

Sagar’s sons plough the earth and dig a tunnel right across its body. They meet the giant who holds the earth on his head.
Garuda conveys the tragic news to Anshuman that the mound of ashes to his rear are his dead uncles.

Bhagiratha prays to Ganga.
Playful and frivolous Ganga swallowed by Jahnu Rishi.

Vishvamithra narrates the story of Jahnavi.
Ravana kills Dasharatha’s ancestor Anaranya.

Indra discusses with Devas about shifting heaven’s planetary orbit when Narada arrives.
177. Narada informs Dashanana about Indra’s plans.

178. Narada tittle-tattles about Ravana’s plan to Yama.
179. Ravana under attack by Kaala and Mrityu commandos.

180. Intence fight between Yama and Ravana.


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