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Baala Kaanda part two

Childhood to adolosence

181. Yama takes out the death rod, resulting in Brahma’s arrival.

182. Ravana subjugates Vasuka, the emperor of snakes
183. Ravana inadvertently kills Vidyut Jihva, his brother-in-law and Soorpanakha’s husband.

184. Ravana defeats Varuna’s sons and grandsons.
185. Soorpanakha laments and castigates brother Ravana.

186. Shukracharya helps Meghnad to perform all seven mighty Yagyas.
187. Asura Madhu abducts Ravana’s cousin Kousimbhi.

188. Madhu and Ravana become allies.
189. Ravana bewitched by Rambha’s beauty.

190. Ravana rapes Rambha.
191. A distraught and disheveled Rambha complains to Nala Koobara who curses Ravana.

192. Ravana in Pushpaka Vimana, arrives at the gates of Indralokha.
193. Enthused by Vishnu’s words, Indra leads the Deva forces against the Asura army.

194. Savithra the eighth Vasu defeats Asura Sumali.
195. The intence fight between Indra and Meghanadh.

196. Meghanadh takes Indra by surprise
197. Brahma offers the title of Indrajeet to Meghanadh, and negotiates the release of Indra. 198. Brahma admires his blemishless creation Ahalya.
199. Gauthama and Ahalya’s marriage is solemnized by Brahma.

200. Indra seduces Ahalya.
201. Gauthama catches Indra and Ahalya red handed and hurls curses at them.

202. Ahalya turned into a stone by Gauthama’s curse.
203. Ravana plans to Grab Vali by his tail, catching him unawares.

204. Vali clamps Ravana in his armpit, as he continues his prayers undeterred.
205. The churning of the mighty oceans.

206. Shiva saves the world by swallowing poison.
207. Vishnu agrees to be a tortoise and bear the weight of the mountain, while Devas churn the seas for the nine gems.

208. Mahalakshmi the priceless gem emerges from the oceans.
209. Indra is afraid of stepmother Dithi’s penance.

210. Indra splits Dithis foetus into seven pieces using his Vajrasthra
211. Vishvamithra, Sumathi and others watch in wonder, as Rama’s foot touching the stone liberates Ahalya from the curse.

212. Before becoming a Brahmarishi, Vishvamithra was a Chakravarthi emperor.
213. Vishvamithra requests for Vashishta’s cow Saubala.

214. Saubala produces an army of soldiers to protect herself.
215. All the powerful weapons of Vishvamithra fail before Vashista’s Brahma Dandika.

216. Vishvamithra becomes a Raja Rishi.
217. King Trishankhu falls in love with his own handsomeness as he admires himself in the pond.

218. Trishankhu turned into a Chandala.
219. Vishvamithra promises to send Trishankhu to heavens in his own body.

220. Pushed up by Vishwamithra and pushed down by Indra, Trishankhu hangs suspended in mid air shounting Trahi-Trahi.
221. Indra steals Ambarisha’s Yagya horse.

222. Shanu Shape purchased as human substitute for sacrifice instead of the horse.
223. Vishvamithra offers Shanu shape, protection.

224. Indra instructs Menaka to disrupt Vishvamithra’s penance.
225. Vishvamithra and Menaka spend ten years together.

226. Eventually Vishvamithra becomes a Brahmarishi.
227. King Janaka welcomes Vishvamithra, Rama and Lakshmana in his court.

228. Vishvamithra narrates the exploits of Solar Dynasty
229. Janaka tells how he found Seetha while Ploughing the land as per Mahalakshmi’s orders.

230. Janaka tells about the mighty bow gifted to his ancestors by Devas.
231. Shiva’s mighty bow in the temple crypts.

232. Rama breaks the bow.
233. Janaka offers his daughter Seetha’s hand in marriage to Rama.

234. Janaka and Dasharatha meet, accompanied by their respective Raja gurus
235. “Not two weddings, but four” suggests Sage Vishvamithra.

236. Rama weds Seetha.
237. Parashurama arrives.

238. Parashurama tells, the story of two bows
239. Parashurama challenges Rama to try the Vaishnava bow.

240. Rama fires from Vaishnava bow and receives it as a gift.


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