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Ayodhya Kaanda

The palace politics

241. Dasharatha and his queens with Rama, Lakshmana and their wives.

242. Dasharatha gets bad dreams.
243. Dasharatha consults his advisors about the coronation of Rama as a crown prince.

244. Dasharatha explains the perils and difficulties of being a just and fair ruler.
245. Dasharatha requests the gurus to prepone the coronation ceremony.

246. Rama and Seetha perform prayers and fasting.
247. Devas instruct Sarasvathi as per Brahma’s orders.

248. Manthara the Kubja hunchback maid.
249. Saraswathi enters Manthra’s mind.

250. Manthra poisons Kaikeyi’s mind.
251. King Puranjaya, Dasharatha’s ancestor rides Indra transformed as a bull, thereby gaining the name of Kakustha or Indravahana.

252. Indra requests Dasharatha’s help and his sound perceiving talents against the Asuras.
253. Despite great hardships, Kaikeyi saves Dasharatha’s life.

254. King Dasharatha gives Kaikeiyi two promises
255. Under the influence of Saraswathi magic, Manthra suggests her crooked scheme to Kaikeiyi.

256. Kaikeiyi enters the Kopa bhavana
257. Dasharatha tries his level best to pacify Kaikeiyi.

258. Kaikeiyi demands her two wishes.
259. Dasharatha pleads desperately to Kaikeiyi. “Please don’t be so harsh to banish Rama to the jungles”

260. Dasharatha even falls at Kaikeiyis feet but the stubborn queen refuses to see reason.
261. Sumanthra attempts to wake Dasharatha by singing stuthis and wake up prayers.

262. Rama and Lakshmana proceed to Dasharatha’s palace as the enthusiastic citizens of Ayodhya cheer them on.
263. Dasharatha is unable to speak to Rama because of his emotion chocked heart.

264. Kaikeiyi tells Rama about the two promises and the news that he will have to spend the next fourteen years in the jungle.
265. Queen Kaushalya breaks down when she hears the terrible news.

266. An angry Lakshmana advices Rama against following his father’s orders.
267. Rama pacifies mother Kaushalya.

268. Rama then pacifies Lakshmana, and advices him about ones duties and responsibilities.
269. Lakshmana defies the gods of fate and suggests that Rama disobey his father’s orders and proceed as scheduled with the coronation ceremony.

270. Rama seeks Kaushalya’s blessings.
271. The grieving citizens of Ayodhya watch Rama walk back to his palace, abandoning his chariot.

272. Rama conveys the terrible news to Seetha.
273. Seetha is terribly annoyed at Rama, that he can even think about going to the forests without her.

274. Kaikeiyi’s father understands the language of the animals and laughs at the conversation between the two Jambhu birds.
275. “I don’t care if misfortune befalls you. Just tell me why you laughed”

276. Rama explains the perils and dangers of the jungle.
277. Seetha falls at Rama’s feet in the gratitude for having allowed her to accompany him to the jungles.

278. “Oh brother Rama! I will not allow you to go to the jungles, unless I accompany you!”
279. Rama distributes all his wealth and gold.

280. Trijatta the poor Brahmin who had to subsist on wild berries and the roots that he dug out of the forests.
281. “Throw the stick as far as you can. All the cows in its path are yours”

282. Farewell to a tearful Dasharatha.
283. Kaikeiyi stubborn, despite severe castigation by Sumanthra.

284. Rama, Seetha, and Lakshmana, dressed in Vakala and Cheera rags.
285. Kaushalya blesses and advices Seetha.

286. A weeping city of Ayodhya follows Rama’s chariot driven by Sumanthra.
287. Dasharatha screams at Kaikeiyi “You are no longer my wife. Don’t come near me and don’t touch me.

288. Sumithra consoles Kaushalya.
289. Sumanthra suggests that they camp for the night.

290. Rama bids farewell to the city of Ayodhya.
291. Nishadha King Guha welcomes Rama to Shringaverpur.

292. Guha breaks down on hearing from Lakshmana about Rama’s misfortunes.
293. Boat ride to the opposite banks of Ganga.

294. Subsisting on wild berries and jungle tubors.
295. Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha offer respects to sage Bharadwaja.

296. Bharadwaja suggests Chitrakoot and explains the route and directions.
297. Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha enter the forests.

298. Using the log raft to cross Yamuna river.
299. Seetha prays to Shyamavata, the immense banyan tree.

300. Lakshmana constructs a beautiful cottage with a wonderful view to Chitrakoot mountains and Mandakini river.


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