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Aranya Kaanda- The Jungles

301. An anxious Dasharatha asks Sumanthra about the welfare and whereabouts of Rama, Lakshmana, and Seetha.

Oh Sumanthra! How is my beloved Rama? How are Seetha and Lakshmana?
302. Dasharatha tells Kaushalya about his accursed talent of shooting accurately at sounds, which has landed him into trouble in the past.

303. Dasharatha shoots at a wild elephant by listening to the sounds of its drinking water.
304. King Dasharatha shoots Munikumar by accident.

305. A guilty Dasharatha apologies to Munikumar’s blind parents.
306. Dasharatha dies of broken heart.

307. Dasharatha’s body preserved in a curdlon of preservative oils, to await Bharatha’s arrival.
308. Markendeya and Vashishta choose five intelligent Dootha – messengers to summon Bharatha.

309. Bharatha tells his friends about his nightmares.
310. Bharatha returning to Ayodhya.

311. “Oh charrioter! Why is Ayodhya so quiet? I have a premonition of a great disaster” Bharatha says, as he gazes across Sarayu to his beloved city.
312. On not finding Dasharatha in the palace, Bharatha rushes to mother Kaikeiyi.

313. Kaikeiyi conveys the tragic news of King Dasharatha’s death.
314. Bharatha gets terribly angry and castigates his mother Kaikeiyi.

315. A weeping Kaikeiyi explains that all this was done for his sake.
316. Bharatha narrates the story of Kamadhenu, the mother of all cows and a butcher.

317. Bharatha meets Kaushalya who says “Now that you have your kingdom and have banished Rama to the forests, I hope you are happy!
318. Dasharatha’s funeral

319. An angry Shathrughana beats and kicks the hunch backed maid – Manthara.
320. “Oh Shathrughana! Please don’t kill a woman! You are a Kshatriya” – Bharatha advises.

321. “Oh Bharatha! Please accept the crown of Ayodhya as per your father’s last wish.
322. Bharatha refuses to accept the throne of Ayodhya.

323. An anxious Guha discusses with colleagues. “Why is Bharatha here?”
324. The guileless Guha confronts Bharatha. “Oh Prince! I hope you don’t mean any harm to Rama”

325. “Are you not satisfied with the crown and empire? What brings you to these jungles?
326. “I was only testing you Bharatha. I am pleased by your love to Rama” Says Bharadwaja Muni.

327. “Has Bharadwaja Muni invited us for a dinner or is he coming to accept our hospitality?” The anxious queens worry.
328. Bharadwaja’s celestial feast for Bharatha’s retinue

329. Bharatha and Vashishta admire the Chitrakoota mountain and the wonderful Mandakini river, as Shatrughana spots the log raft moored to the opposite side.
330. Rama describes the wonderful beauties of nature to Seetha

331. “Oh Lakshmana, climb up the Sal tree and find out the cause of the noise and dust!”
332. “Wicked Bharatha has arrived with his army. You take mother Seetha to safety. My bows and arrows will defend me to my last breath.” An angry Lakshmana says.

333. Rama pacifies Lakshmana. “Bharatha is a honorable Kshatriya. In addition he revers me!”
334. “Shatrughna, Vashishta, Sumanthra, Guha and myself will take a log raft across” Says Bharatha.

335. Bharatha breaks into tears as he sees the condition of Rama and Seetha.
336. Rama welcomes Bharatha fondly and asks him about the welfare of everyone in Ayodhya.

337. “Oh beloved Rama! Dasharatha is dead. Please return with us to with Ayodhya and take up its reigns”
338. Pindadaana and Jalanjali at the banks of Mandakini for the sake of Dasharatha’s soul.

339. “Now please return with us. Ayodhya is an orphan without you! Please Rama! Come with us and be crowned as a King!”
340. “As a decendant of Raghu dynasty, I would prefer to loose my life than break my word!”

341. Vashistha persuades Rama to return back to Ayodhya
342. A stubborn Rama refuses to listen to his family guru Vashistha.

343. Vashistha tells all about the history of Raghu clan and traces it down from Brahma to Dasharatha.
344. “Oh Vashistha! I fall at your feet. Please don’t advise me to do a wrong thing.

345. If Rama doesn’t return, I too will remain here for the next fourteen years” – Threatens a stubborn Bharatha.
346. Wise sage Kalapathi’s advise.

347. “Oh beloved brother! I don’t want your bow and arrows. Please give me your sandals.
348. Bharatha performs a coronation of Rama’s footwear and rules Ayodhya as Rama’s humble servant.

349. This place is getting too popular and busy. Let us shift deeper into Dandaka forests.
350. The meeting between Seetha and Anusuya.

351. Sage Athri and Anusuya bless Rama, Seetha and Lakshmana before proceeding to Dandaka forests.
352. Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha receive a warm welcome in Budha’s ashrama.

353. The Rishi draws the route to their destination.
354. The giant Rakshasa Viradha picks up Seetha.

355. The powerful arrows by Rama and Lakshmana are ineffective against the Asura.
356. Rama chops off Viradha’s arm but it soon starts budding and grows into a new arm and a hand.

357. Rama jumps on the Rakshasa Viradha’s back and squeezes his neck.
358. The asura is buried alive and packed with rocks.

359. Sharabhanga and his disciples applaud at Rama’s valour by looking at the special magical courdlon.
360. Rambha assaulted by Viradha the Gandharva who is cursed by Kubera to become a Rakshasa.

361. On seeing Indra’s celestial chariot above Sage Sharabhanga’s ashram, Rama asks Seetha and Lakshmana to wait while he proceeds ahead to investigate.


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