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Aranya Kaanda part two

Trouble in the jungles

362. Rama is a little perplexed by Sharabhaga’s strange behavior.

363. Old Sharbhangha enters the fire and emerges as a young and handsome Deva.
364. Karmarishi tells Rama about the Rakshasa trouble in the region.

365. Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha enjoy the splendors of nature on their way.
366. Seetha tells Rama the story of the old sage and Indra’s sword.

367. The five apsaras sent to spoil sage Mandakarnis rigorous penance.
368. Rama Lakshmana and Seetha meet Sage Agastya’s younger brother.

369. IIvala and Vatapi seek the blessings of Asura guru Shukracharya
370. “Oh Vatapi come out” Ilvala would shout. Vatapi would emerge tearing the Brahmins belly killing him instantly.

371. Agastya’s nightmares
372. Agastya marries king Lopa’s daughter Lopamudra born out of his blessings.

373. Vatapi digested by Agastya
374. “Oh mighty Vindhyas! Please stop growing till I return back from South Indra”

375. Welcome by Sage Agastya.
376. Agastya presents celestial arms and divine weapons to Rama and Lakshmana.

377. After Rama’s departure, Agastya tells his disciples who Rama actually is!
378. A gigantic vulture blocks the way of Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha.

379. Kashyapa weds the eight daughters of Daksha to produce projeny to fill up the three worlds.
380. The four elder wives produce the demigods and celestial beings.

381. Jatayu’s ancestry.
382. Tamra, the mother of all birds.

383. Krodhavasha, the mother of all animals.
384. the cottage in Panchavati.

385. Lakshmana worried about Bharatha’s plight while he bathed in the cold Sarayu waters.
386. Ravana’s sister Soorpanakha.

387. Devas inform Saraswathi about Brahma’s instructions to her.
388. Soorpanakha transforms herself into a pretty girl.

389. Soorpanakha overflies Panchavati ashrama and sees Rama.
390. Soorpanakha tries to seduce Rama.

391. Rama discourages Soorpanakha’s advances.
392. “Oh Seetha! This woman wants to be my second wife! What do you say?”

393. “Oh Soorpanakha! Ask Lakshmana if he wants to be your mate”
394. Rebuffed by Lakshmana as well, Soorpanakha sheds tears.

395. I can get Rama only by killing Seetha. Has he not said that he will not look at another woman, so long as Seetha is alive?
396. Soorpanakha stealthily approaches Seetha who is plucking flowers.

397. The reflection in the pond, displaying her true Rakshasi form is spotted by Lakshmana.
398. Lakshmana cuts off Soorpanakha’s breasts, ears and nose.

399. “Oh cousin Khar! See how Rama and Lakshmana have mutilated me? Kill them now”
400. Khar summons fourteen brave asuras.

401. Rama demolishes the fourteen asuras.
402. “Oh Dooshan! Prepare my army for an attack”

403. Fourteen thousand asuras proceed to Rama’s hermitage
404. Khar unperturbed by his flickering left eye lid and numerous other bad porrents and ill omens.

405. Devas, Gandharvas, Yakshas and others gather behind clouds to watch Rama in action.
406. Ramas special sounds in Bhairava Raga splits all enemy missiles mid air.

407. Rama’s crescent arrows chop off Dooshan’s arms.
408. Rama kills the three headed Trishara

409. Khar attacks Rama with an uprooted tree
410. Akampan rushes to Ravana with the tragic news.

411. Akampan describes Rama’s valour and courage.
412. Boarding his Pushpaka vimana, Ravana sets out to investigate.

413. Mareecha offers Rama sound advice.
414. Soorpanakha finds Ravana missing from Srilanka.

415. Ravana in his finery and glory.
416. “Oh Dashanana! See what they have done to your beloved sister!”

417. “Oh Soorpanakha! I have already discussed the matter with Mareecha who has advised me not to poke my nose into a beehive.”
418. “Oh brother Ravana! It was for getting pretty Seetha as your wife that I had to suffer all this. There is no prettier woman than Seetha.

419. Ravana imagines Seetha’s beauty and is consumed by lust.
420. Sampathi burns his feathers while trying to protect his younger brother Jatayu.

421. Mighty Jatayu flies with an elephant and a turtle clutched to his claws.
422. Ravana flies by the immense banyan tree with a broken trunk but is unaware of its significance.

423. Ravana observes Seetha discreetly and is seized by feelings of lust.


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