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Aranya Kaanda part three

The terrible forests

424. Ravana kicks Mareecha. “Oh stupid idiot! Why did you not tell me about Seetha and her beauty?”

425. “Mareecha describes Rama’s valor and might.
426. “For Gods sake Ravana, please don’t disturb Rama! It is like disturbing a sleeping lion!”

427. “Oh stupid Asura! I don’t seek your advise. I issue you orders!”
428. Let us use your special talent of transforming into an animal to entice Seetha.

429. Ravana amazed by Mareecha’s transformation into a golden antelope studded with precious stones.
430. Seetha bewitched by the golden antelope.

431. “Oh Rama! Catch that antelope for me. I want him as my pe If you are not able to catch him alive, at least get his skin for me!”
432. Rama kills the deer, who in death transforms into his original form of Mareecha and shouts in Rama’s voice “Hey Seetha! Hey Lakshmana!”

433. “Oh Lakshmana! Please go and help your brother. I am anxious about his safety”
434. “I leave you reluctantly, but please don’t cross the Lakshman Rekha”

435. Ravana seeks alms disguised as a Brahmin sage.
436. Ravana abducts Seetha and drags her to Pushpaka Vimana.

437. Seetha abducted by Ravana and tossed into Pushpaka Vimana.
438. Ravana boasts about himself and requests Seetha to become his mate.

439. A tearful Seetha chained to the interior of Pushpaka Vimana.
440. Jatayu spots Seetha being kidnapped in the Pushpaka Vimana.

441. Jatayu advises Ravana about the inadvisability of abducting another persons wife.
442. A valiant Jatayu attacks Ravana with his beeks and talons.

443. Ravana kills Jatayu.
444. Seetha shifted to Ravana’s inner quarters.

445. Ravana pleads to Seetha and tempts her with riches, comforts and the position of a chief queen.
446. Seetha shifted to Ashoka vana under the guard of Asura maidens.

447. Brahma instructs Devas to descend on the earth and provide their seed to female monkeys to produce an army that would help Rama.
448. Indra uses Nindra Devi’s support to put Seetha’s bodyguards to sleep.

449. Indra offers Havishya anna to Seetha.
450. “Oh Lakshmana! Why are you here? Why did you leave Seetha alone?”

451. A futile search for Seetha by the two brothers.
452. Lakshmana spolts the first set of clues.

453. The animals look to the skies and then run towards the south.
454. Rama becomes angry at the mountains and river for not telling him Seetha’s address.

455. Rama and Lakshmana spot a bloody and wounded creature whom they mistake for a Rakshasa.
456. Rama recognizes Jatayu and breaks out into tears.

457. Jatayu tells about Seetha’s abduction by a ten headed Asura in a flying machine.
458. Rakshasin Ayomukhi observes Lakshmana climbing up a jackfruit tree.

459. Ayomukhi appears before Lakshmana as a pretty maiden.
460. Rama and Lakshmana in the grips of the headless, legless monster with long arms.

461. Rama and Lakshmana chop off Kabandha’s long arms.
462. Kabandha was beaten by Indra to such an extent that his head and legs collapsed into his truck.

463. Kabandha tells Rama and Lakshmana about the monkey king Sugreeva.
464. “Oh Lakshmana! Are Sabri’s berries too hot?”

465. Sabari describes the local area and gives the precise directions to reach the monkey king Sugreeva.


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