Ramayana water color illustrations


Dr L.Prakash


Kishkinda Kaanda

The land of monkeys and apes

466. Sabari enters the fire and transforms into a celestial Devi on her way to heavens.

467. The beauty of Pampa lake saddens Rama, because it reminds him of Seetha.
468. Sugreeva worried about the arrival of armed strangers to the area and instructs Hanuman to investigate.

469. The, rivalary between Indra the father of Vali and Soorya (sun) the father of Sugreeva.
470. Goddess Parvathi blesses Soorya that his son Sugreeva would be Narayana’ ally during his avatara as Rama.

471. Anjana laughs at a sage, meditating as a monkey.
472. Anjana agrees to become Kesari’s wife.

473. The kite flies away with Dasharatha’s prasadam which Pavana or wind god recovers.
474. Anjana agrees to accept Pavana’s seed and father his son.

475. Baby Hanuman mistakes sun for a ripe red fruit.
476. Indra hits with his Vajrayudha (lightning bolt) to Hanumans Chin-Hanu

477. Angry at his son’s death, Pavana stops blowing.
478. Hanuman, Sugreeva’s ommissary meets Rama and Lakshmana disguised as tapaswi sage.

479. Hanuman transforms himself into a gigantic form and carries the two brothers on his shoulder to Rishyamooka.
480. Sugreeva disploys the items that Seetha had thrown from the Pushpaka Vimana.

481. Rama and Sugreeva became allies and swear an oaln of friendship before fire God.
482. The intense fight between Asura Mayavi and Sugreeva.

483. Sugreeva blocks the mouth of the huge cave with an immense boulder.
484. Sugreeva says “Oh brother Vali! Beat me as much as you want, but please tell me why I am being punished.

485. Vali refuses to accept Sugreeva’s apologies.
486. “Vali is an extremely strong person. Please don’t underestimate his strength” Sugreeva tells Rama.

487. Rakshasa Dubindhu harrases the mighty Himalaya mountains and challenges Himavan to a due!
488. Vali meets his match in a might Asura Dubindhu!

488a. On seeing dead Dubindhu,and the defilement of his ashrama, Matanga curses Vali and his supporters that they will die the instant they enter the Matanga forests.
489. Rama pierces seven Saal trees with a single arrow.

490. Sugreeva badly thrashed by Vali runs for his life.
491. Sugreeva wears a flower garland around his neck to distinguish him from Vali.

492. Tara, seized by premonitions, begs Vali not to accept the challenge by Sugreeva.
493. “Oh Rama! Save me! Vali will choke the life out of me.

494. Rama’s sharp arrow pierces Vali’s broad chest.
495. “Oh Rama! What harm have I done to you? Why did you kill me?”

496. “Vali unconvinced by Lakshmana’s reasons.
497. “I never expected such deceit and treachery by someone us noble as Rama!”

498. An emissary conveys the news of Vali’s death to Tara and Angad.
499. Tara weeps unconsolably. “With an arrow poking out of his chest, I cant even hug Vali properly!”

500. “Oh Angad! You have now become an orphan” Tara wails
501. Sugreeva overwhelmed with guilt on seeing his dead brother.

502. “Oh Rama! I have plucked the arrow from my husband’s chest. Shoot me with this and allow me to go to the pitraloke
503. Angad lights his father’s funeral byre.

504. “We cant begin searching for Seetha now. Rains are expected soon and the search would be difficulty”
505. “Oh Lakshmana! The wonderful rainy season fails to cheer me up because I cant stop thinking of Seetha!

506. Hanuman tries to wake up a drunk and sizzled – Sugreeva
507. Rams have stopped a week ago! I wonder what Sugreeva is doing! Oh Lakshmana! Find out what is happening!

508. Lakshmana decapitates a naughty monkey guard who threatens him.
509. Hanuman makes hundreds of monkeys to scream outside Sugreevas window to produce a cacophony, which wakes him up.

510. Angad receives Lakshmana at the gates of Kishkinda.
511. Hanuman and Angad escort Lakshmana to Sugreeva’s palace.

512. An angry Lakshmana waits outside Sugreeva’s bedroom door anxiously tapping his bow on the ground. The clanging sounds panics Sugreeva.
513. Sugreeva sends Tara to pacify Lakshmana and Soothe his anger.

514. “You don’t keep up your promises!” Lakshmana castigates Sugreeva.
515. Sugreeva sends his trusted lieutenants in all directions to collect fifty million monkeys. 516. Oh Rama! I apologize for the delay. I have already summoned forces who will gather in a week’s time.
517. Fifty million monkeys gather in Kishkinda. 518. Sugreeva tells Rama about the places he intends to send the search parties .


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