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Dr L.Prakash

Aadi Kaanda section two


Parashurama kills his own mother, obeying Jamadgni’s command.
Parashurama kills his own mother, obeying Jamadgni’s command.
Narada is puzzled by the time paradox.

Angulimal the terrible wicked bandit.
Saptarishi’s advice to Angulimal.
I will not pray to Rama, but say Mara-Mara.
Valmeeks or white-ants form ant hillocks on Angulimal’s body, giving him the name of Valmiki.

The Nishadha, killing a kaucha dove, makes Valmiki scream at him in a poetic way.

Sage Narada tells Valmiki Rama’s story.
Valmiki takes Brahma’s blessings
The epic of Ramayana created

Kamban and Ambikavati write their version of Ramayana
Goswami Tulasidas gets married.
Tulasidas climbs the balcony holding his wife’s hair.

Tulasidas’s wife castigates him.

Tulasidas grinds sandalwood paste.

Tulasidas is surprised by the rishi’s couplet.
Tulasidas writes the epic Ramcharitmanas.
Dasharatha and his three wives, Kaushalya, Sumithra and Kaikeyi.
Indra worried about Kumbhakarna’s penance to Brahma.
Saraswathi twists Kumbhakarna’s tongue to make him ask for perennial sleep.
Brahma blesses Ravana that he will not be killed by gods, Devas, Asuras, Gandharvas, nagas, yakshas and others.
Mandodari is offered in marriage to Dashanana by her father Mayasura.
“Give me your daughter’s hand in marriage” Richika rishi’s words shock king Gadhi and his queen.
Heyhaya king sahastrabahu Arjuna, the man with a thousand hands.
Ravana marries Mandodhari.
Ravana crowned the king of Lanka.
Where will you get a thousand black horses with white ears?
Ravana hoists Kailasha mountains playfully.
The thief Gunanidhi steals jewels from the bride’s room
Finding the Shiva temple in darkness, Gunanidhi tears a piece of cloth from his dress and lights it to get illumination to steal the prasadam.
Shiva misunderstands and summons him to Shivaloka. Offers him the post of financial controller to the three worlds.
Kubera gets his name as his right eye bursts under Parvathi’s fierce gaze.
Give your mother the larger portion of the chiru-prasadam, while you consume the smaller one.
Richika and Satyavathi pray to Narayana, who modifies their curse and explains about the genesis of Parashurama.
Dasharatha in his court surrounded by ministers like Indra in the Deva court.
Minister Sumnthra advices Dasharatha to invite Rishi Rishyasringa to Ayodhya.
Romapada comes to know about Rishi Vibhandaka and his virtuous son Romapada.
Jayanthi seduces Romapada
Indra sends spies disguised as Asuras to gather intelligence about Ravana.

Sahastraroopaka meets Ravana as a scholar and biographer.
Sahastraroopaka returns to Indra.
Sage Pulasya threatens frivolous Kshatriya maidens that they would become instantly pregnant if they continued to disturb his penance.
Adhya becomes pregnant by a single look of the sage.
Parvathi’s boon to Rakshasa children and mothers.
Malyavan, Sumali and Mali, Pray to Brahma.
Anxious Devas approach Maheshwara.
Vishnu atop Garuda, launches and attack on Asuras.
Mali killed by Sudershan Chakra.
Garuda seriously injured.

Rishyasringa and Vasishta conduct yagya for Dasharatha.
Prajapatya Purusha appears out of the fire with a bowl of payasam.
Kekasi sent to Vishva muni.
Kekasi gives birth to Ravana, Kumbhakarana, Vibheeshana and Soorpanakha.
Brahma gifts Pushpaka Vimana to Vaishvana Kubera.
Kekasi, jealous of Kubera, laments to Dashanana.
Sumali convinces Dashagreeva to attack step-brother Kubera.
Kubera routed and caged like and animal.
Ravana Snatches away Pushpaka Vimana.
Meghanadh is born.
Ravana and wives on a picnic to the banks of Narmada.
Sahastrabahu Arjuna playfully blocks the flow of Narmada river.
Ravana defeated and caged like and animal.
Ravana’s Pushpaka Vimana becomes unstable as it flies over Shyama Parvatha.
Ravana makes fun of Nandeeshwara, as the latter is making monkey faces at Nandini.
Ravana attempts to uproot the mountain.
Nandi presses the mountaintop with his hooves, crushing Ravana’s hands, making him scream out in agony. Rava is to scream and thus he gets the name of Ravana.
Lakshmana dotes on Rama and hero worships him since childhood.
Kaushalya sees Rama eating Narayana Prasadam and realizes that he is Narayana.
Sahastrabahu Arjuna snatches away Kamadhenu.
Parashurama’s fury.
Heyhaya king Arjuna slain.

Arjuna’s sons kill Jamadagni by decapitating him.



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